Édition Popcap – Presentation at Fahrbereitschaft Berlin

Édition POPCAP is a limited photography edition comprising works from the winners of POPCAP, the piclet.org prize for contemporary African photography. The outstanding works of the participating artists are printed in a circulation of 7 + 2 AP and are available for purchase both at the POPCAP exhibitions and at this online store.

Finally. Your exhibition.


We are always glad to arrange an exhibition or presentation with works produced in our fine art print studio. Already in the past we have organized several well attended exhibitions. For example as a partner of EMOP Berlin – European Month of Photography, or during the Berlin Art Week. Now we are intensifying these activities.


We teem up with selected partners, whose offers you can use according to your personal need.



In addition to fantastic exhibition rooms, preferred according to size and/or location, we also offer advice through selected curators. Of course they will write articles related your project. Texts you like to read.


We also take care of press and public relations work, invitations and catering for your guests. Especially the documentation of an exhibition (in pictures) is part of our service.


Want to exhibit in Berlin?

You want to show your work in one of the hottest hubs for the production and exhibition of contemporary art. We provide you with great opportunities for your exhibition in Berlin.

For small, unconventional presentations or experiments, an 11 square metre small project room might be just the thing. We can offer galleries close to the public both in the Zentrum West (Potsdamer Straße) as well as in the Zentrum Ost (Torstraße). Right next to our studio we have a 100 square meter “White Cube”, a great exhibition room in the “Fahrbereitschaft”, one of the hottest art locations in Berlin.

Further information is available on request. Please send us a brief exposé of your project together with three images from the work you would like to exhibit.