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In a nutshell


Since 1998 – as one of the first studios worldwide – we have been producing archival inkjet prints especially for artists – and of course a whole range of preparatory work is also part of our portfolio. But as artists, whose we are, we love to work on more comprehensive projects.



Maybe the greatest idea we have ever had is the combination of Artist Residencies with the conception and production of a final exhibition in our (partner-) Galleries & Project Rooms in Berlin, Nairobi and Luang Prabang.

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But, as we said: We can even “just” Scan / Edit / Print your images. We’re really good at it because, like you, we want the best. The artists on our Reference page may well be the same.
And because Berlin’s finest framemaker has its workshop directly opposite our studio, you get even the mounting and framing almost from one source.




Make an appointment for a consultation, or get here a closer look at our services and prices.

Guide us!

Archival Fine Art Printmaking – Digital Fine Art Print Lab Berlin

Of course, you can accompany us during the implementation of your work – and happy to help. We offer the perfect workplace for a stress-free, color-accurate – and ultimately inexpensive – production: a hardware-calibrated monitor, an image-editing Macintosh, multiple pigment-based printers, and Just Normlicht (daylight) for perfect color assessment.

Oh – Yeah!


Images often become particularly exciting when you know the stories that hide below the obvious. Everyone loves to hear such stories. We would like to tell them.


If your project is related to Africa or the African Diaspora, we may be able to publish it in our journal AfroClicks.


Even if you can not decide to entrust the production of your work to us, a good story could develop.


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Mobile: +49 (0) 151 19 68 08 68

Mailing Address: Artificial Image | Reichenberger Str. 47 | 10999 Berlin | Germany

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